Get Ready! When is the party? Who’s coming? How many guests? What time do the guests arrive? Where will it be? Would you like to pick up your order or have it delivered?  We can help you work through all of these questions when you call.

Tea TimeGive us a call! (970) 530-2120 Our staff is available weekdays to answer questions and fine-tune the details of your event.  Let us help with determine the appropriate amounts of food to order or customize a menu for you.

Gather and Enjoy! Fiona’s Catering brings to every celebration our passion for food and exceptional service.  Our goal is to move beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary.  The end result is a true feast for all the senses where great taste, artful presentation, enticing aromas, and sighs of appreciation come together.  You really can taste the difference at a Fiona’s event!

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