orange floral cakeProudly Serving Northern Colorado, Our Custom Cakes are prepared by highly skilled Cake Artists with a passion for perfection and cake decorating. Our prices reflect the time, quality of ingredients and LOVE put into each and every Fiona’s Cake.

All of our cakes feature our amazing buttercream and are beautiful to look at, but most importantly, Delicious to eat! Our buttercream is by far the BEST in the area, and we invite you to come and try a sample anytime.

We truly believe in “home-made,” made from scratch cakes, using the freshest ingredients in season. Fiona’s Cakes are made with “real” ingredients so please note that slight color and flavor variations may occur.

Please allow 72 hours notice for Classic & Party Cakes

Our Cakes are broken into different categories for pricing & availability

Our “CLASSIC CAKES” line of cakes are fabulous flavor combinations and decorations prepared by our bakers. Available in a variety of sizes so you can make sure everyone takes the cake!

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Our “PARTY CAKES” are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Festive and beautiful designs available all you need to do is pick your cake and filling flavors!

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“FIONA’S CUSTOM CAKES” Let our Cakes artists help you create the cake of your dreams. Bring us an invitation, picture or your imagination and we can create an artistic cake design that looks amazing and tastes delicious.

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Fiona’s Classic Cakes

The PERFECT way to Sweeten any Occasion! These cakes are designed and with our most popular flavor combinations. Delicious, simple and gourmet, these cakes are sure to “Wow” your guests and their tastebuds!


  • 6” Round Cake (serves up to 8 guests)   $30
  • 8” Round Cake (serves up to 15 guests)   $45
  • 10” Round Cake (serves up to 28 guests)   $75
  • Half Sheet Cake (serves up to 40 guests)   $95
  • Full Sheet Cake (serves up to 77 guests)   $160
Classic Cake Sizes from Fiona's Deli

Chocolate Treasure – A cake for all celebrations our Chocolate Treasure cake is decorated with handmade chocolate, gold & silver edible jewels & rich chocolate buttercream icing
Traditional Vanilla Celebration Cake – Moist vanilla cake filled with creamy vanilla buttercream & covered with pure Madagascar vanilla bean buttercream icing.
Vanilla Raspberry Bliss – Vanilla cake layered with raspberry buttercream filling & vanilla butter cream icing.
Chocolate Raspberry Bliss – Chocolate cake layered with raspberry buttercream filling & chocolate buttercream icing.
Classic Red Velvet – Deep red cake with a hint of chocolate flavor filled with chocolate buttercream & topped with vanilla buttercream.
Caramel Cappuccino – Traditional white cake with espresso buttercream filling & rich caramel buttercream icing.
Lemon Poppy – Lemon poppy cake with a tart & tangy lemon curd filling & a light citrus lemon icing.
Spice Cake – The perfect level of spice, layered with cream cheese filling & maple icing.
Carrot Cake – Moist spiced carrot cake packed with real carrots! Filled & frosted with cream cheese icing with toasted walnuts on the side.
Strawberry Almond – Almond cake with strawberry gelée filling & vanilla buttercream icing, & toasted almonds
Black Forest – Moist chocolate cake layered with cherry gelée & iced with chocolate buttercream then topped with dark chocolate ganache & chocolate dipped cherries
Neapolitan – Vanilla cake, strawberry gelée filling & vanilla buttercream icing topped with chocolate ganache & chocolate dipped cherries
Chocolate Peanut Butter – Moist chocolate cake filled & iced with peanut buttercream & rich chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate covered peanuts
Dark Chocolate Espresso – Rich chocolate cake with espresso chocolate cream filling, iced in espresso buttercream & topped with chocolate ganache & chocolate dipped espresso beans
Rose Cake – White cake filled and frosted with a lightly tinted rose buttercream rosettes
Citrus-Raspberry Cake – Layers of lemon cake & raspberry-lemon preserves with a white chocolate buttercream icing & tart lemon buttercream flowers
Maple Bacon Cake – Moist vanilla cake soaked in maple syrup layered with chopped bacon & maple buttercream. Iced in maple buttercream & chocolate ganache then topped with candied bacon
Salted Caramel Bourbon Cake – Honey soaked vanilla cake, bourbon caramel buttercream inside and out and garnished with caramel & fleur de sel salt bordered with dots
Italian Cream Cake – White cake filled and frosted with Italian buttercream, the sides are garnished with toasted walnuts & toasted coconut
German Chocolate Cake – Rich chocolate cake filled with a coconut pecan custard, frosted with chocolate buttercream. The sides covered in toasted coconut & chopped pecans
Honey Bee Cake – Almond cake with honey buttercream filling garnished with decorative almond wing honeybees
Rainbow Cake – 6 colorful layers of the rainbow with vanilla buttercream between each layer & iced with vanilla buttercream icing then topped with chocolate ganache & rainbow sprinkles. (sorry sheet cakes not available)
6” Round/$40 • 8” Round/$55 • 10” Round/$85

Gluten Free Cakes:

6” Round/$40 • 8” Round/$55 • 10” Round/$85 • Half Sheet/$105 • Full Sheet/$170
Gluten Free Chocolate – Moist chocolate cake layered with chocolate buttercream filling & icing
Gluten Free Vanilla – Moist vanilla cake layered with vanilla buttercream filling & icing
Gluten Free Lemon – Moist lemon cake layered with citrus buttercream filling & icing

Fanciful Cupcakes for each individual!

Classic Cupcakes

$36/dozen   $19/half dozen

Cupcake Flavors:

Milk Chocolate • Real Vanilla
Tart Lemon • Lemon Poppy • Red Velvet
Toasted Almond • Spice

Buttercream Icing Flavors:

Traditional Vanilla • Rich Chocolate
White Chocolate • Citrus • Toasted Marshmallow • Rose
Raspberry • Espresso • Peanut Butter • Caramel • Honey

Premium Cupcakes (per dozen)

$48/half dozen

CupcakeSamoa – Chocolate cupcake filled with caramel-coconut buttercream & topped with caramel & chocolate ganache drizzle & toasted coconut
Neapolitan – Vanilla cupcakes with strawberry gelee filling, pink vanilla buttercream icing, chocolate ganache & a maraschino cherry
Tahiti Coconut – Vanilla cupcakes with caramel filling & coconut buttercream icing topped with toasted coconut
Candied Bacon – Spice cupcakes with maple buttercream, rich chocolate ganache, & candied bacon topping
Salted Bourbon Caramel – Vanilla cupcakes with caramel buttercream, a salted bourbon caramel drizzle & toasted pecans
Chocolate Rose – Chocolate cupcakes with pink vanilla-rosewater buttercream icing & sugar roses
S’more – Chocolate cupcakes with mallow filling, marshmallow icing, a toasted marshmallow, and a graham cracker
Mocha Latte – Chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate ganache then topped with espresso buttercream & chocolate dipped coffee beans
Strawberry Lemonade – Vanilla cupcakes with lemon curd filling, pink strawberry buttercream icing, a fondant strawberry, and a straw

Fiona’s Party Cakes

Choose from our signature designs, great for all your occasions. Looking for a cake as unique as you? Choose your cake & filling flavors and add one of our party cake designs and we’ll create the perfect cake for your celebration. All our Party Cakes are decorated with our delicious vanilla buttercream icing.

Party Animals

These whimsical and festive cakes are perfect for kid’s birthdays, baby showers and of course anyone who loves cake!

Party Fox Cake from Fiona's Deli


This sweet and furry fox cake is the perfect fit for any celebration
6” Round – $65   8” Round – $85

Party Kitty Cake


Kitty cat cakes can make the most fabulous gift or birthday surprise for cat lovers and feline fans
6” Round – $65   8” Round – $85

Party Monster Cake


This colorful Monster Cake is just as delicious as it is terrifying!
6” Round – $65   8” Round – $85

Party Robot Cake


The guest of honor at the birthday party will surely smile about this sweet Robot Cake!
6” Round – $65   8” Round – $85

Party Unicorn Cake


Buttercream unicorn cakes create a frenzy whenever they magically appear!
6” Round – $65   8” Round – $85

Party Llama Cake


Up the aww factor at your next gathering with the cutest llama cake ever!
6” Round – $65   8” Round – $85

Birthday Party

Party Cakes

Sometimes life’s celebrations call for a beautiful and unique cake that doesn’t need to feed an army. Our single tiered party cakes are perfect for those occasions.

Chocolate Filigree Cake


Covered in rich chocolate buttercream with intricate vanilla filigree network of curls and swirls, is an easy, but elegant design to embellish everything from birthday cakes to wedding cakes

8” Round – $60   10” Round – $95
½ Sheet – $105   Full Sheet – $165

Vanilla Filigree Cake
Vanilla Filigree Sheet Cake


Covered in real vanilla butter cream with intricate chocolate filigree network of curls and swirls, is an easy, but elegant design to embellish everything from birthday cakes to wedding cakes

8” Round – $60   10” Round – $95
½ Sheet – $105   Full Sheet – $165

Blue Celebration Cake
Blue Celebration Sheet Cake


Looking for a cake as unique as you? Our blue floral design is a colorful celebration!

8” Round – $75   10” Round – $110
½ Sheet – $125   Full Sheet – $215

Orange Celebration Cake
Orange Celebration Sheet Cake


Vibrant colors and delicious flavors are the perfect complement to your special occasion.

8” Round – $75   10” Round – $110
½ Sheet – $125   Full Sheet – $215

Spanish Rose Cake


Decadent and rich chocolate butter cream with red roses & dark chocolate leaves are sure to inspire a rich celebration

8” Round – $75   10” Round – $110
½ Sheet – $125   Full Sheet – $215

Paisley Rhapsody


Today it’s all about delicious bohemian cakes – yummy, inspiring and looking like real art works!

8” Round – $75   10” Round – $110
½ Sheet – $125   Full Sheet – $215

Garden Bouquet Cake


Take your gathering to the next level and be transported to a colorful garden with this cake

8” Round – $85   10” Round – $130
½ Sheet – $155   Full Sheet – $245

Present Cake
Present Sheet Cake


Celebrations are full of gifts & cake, so why not combine the two and give this whimsical, fun present cake!

8” Round – $85   10” Round – $130
½ Sheet – $155   Full Sheet – $245

Basket Rose Cake


This traditional design is a tasteful final touch of sweetness for any celebration.

8” Round – $85   10” Round – $130
½ Sheet – $155   Full Sheet – $245

Perfectly Pansy Cake


A beautiful design of sugar flowers makes it feel like spring all year long!

8” Round – $95   10” Round – $145
½ Sheet – $175   Full Sheet – $260

Photo Coming Soon!


Whether you’re celebrating a new arrival or a birthday this colorful cake is sure to please all the partygoers

8” Round – $95   10” Round – $145
½ Sheet – $175   Full Sheet – $260

Classical Celebration Sheet Cake


A crisp deco design of black & silver that will most definitely leave a lasting impression!

8” Round – $95   10” Round – $145
½ Sheet – $175   Full Sheet – $260

Tiered Party Cakes

Stacked cakes are no longer just for weddings. Tiered Party Cakes are perfect for that milestone birthday, baby shower, graduation or any other occasion of which you can think. We love them because they can be fun, colorful, playful, elegant or simple. There truly are no rules.


The ruched detail adds texture while allowing simple beauty so you can add fresh flowers to match your event.
6” & 8” Tiered Round – $90
8” & 10” Tiered Round – $155

Classic Whip Cake


The rustic elegance is the perfect choice for any celebration.
6” & 8” Tiered Round – $90
8” & 10” Tiered Round – $155

Mountain Relief Stacked Cake


With a beautiful mountain/forest icing design, not only is this cake delicious but it is a Colorado delight!
6” & 8” Tiered Round – $90
8” & 10” Tiered Round – $155

Lavendar Rosette Stacked Cake


imply Stunning, sweet butter cream rosettes with a lavender tier decorated with edible silver dragée
6” & 8” Tiered Round – $115
8” & 10” Tiered Round – $195

Ombre Rosette Stacked Cake


The elegant buttercream roses on the outside of this cake are simply splendid. Overall, this cake is a real showstopper!
6” & 8” Tiered Round – $115
8” & 10” Tiered Round – $195

Cherry Blossom Cake


Take a sweet moment out of your day to celebrate and impress your guests with this Lovebirds Cake
6” & 8” Tiered Round – $125
8” & 10” Tiered Round – $215

golden floral stacked cake


A majestic array of golden roses accents this cake while Gold Pearl Dust gives the roses shimmer and beauty all their own
6” & 8” Tiered Round – $125
8” & 10” Tiered Round – $215

Cake Flavors:

Madagascar Vanilla
Rich Milk Chocolate
Lemon Poppy
Tart Lemon
Spice Red Velvet
Chocolate-Vanilla Marble
Toasted Almond
Wedding White
Gluten Free Vanilla
Gluten Free Chocolate
Gluten Free Lemon
Pink Vanilla
Blue Vanilla


Filling Flavors:

Lemon Curd
Raspberry Preserve
Lemon-Raspberry Preserve Vanilla Buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream
Toasted Marshmallow Buttercream
Raspberry Buttercream
Rose Buttercream
Espresso Buttercream
Honey Buttercream
Caramel Buttercream
White Chocolate Buttercream
Strawberry Buttercream
Almond Buttercream
Peanut Butter Buttercream
Maple Buttercream
Citrus Buttercream

Writing Colors:

Add a personalized message to create the perfect celebration.
30 characters maximum.

Some cake designs require the salutation to be written on an oversized cake board.

  • White Vanilla Cream
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Rose Pastel Pink
  • Royal Blue
  • Fire Engine Red
  • Midnight Black
  • Sunny Yellow

Fiona’s Custom Cakes

Custom CakeLet Fionas help you design the cake of your dreams. We’ll walk you through the entire process from cake flavors to décor, we’ll help capture your unique personality in an extraordinary cake. With the help of photos, color swatches, and your imagination, we specialize in making everything you hoped for a reality! The best part: We provide complimentary cake samples at the time of the consultation, so bring your sweet tooth!
The consultation appointment includes a tasting and discussion on the individual design of your cake. There are numerous cakes, fillings and finishing work details from which to choose. We welcome your ideas and will guide you through the decision-making process to help design the perfect cake for you and your guests. Custom cake pricing begins at $250 with final cost is determined by both flavor and the decorative element.

Custom Cakes Require a Minimum 2 Week Notice

Please contact our Cake Specialists for a consultation at (970) 530-2130.

Custom Wedding Cake

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see examples of your previous cakes? Check out the gallery further up this page or stop by our store.

Does Fiona’s provide flowers? Fiona’s does not provide fresh or silk flowers, however our bakery staff can work with you or your florist to help with floral arranging on site when we deliver the cake.

What is your cake frosted with? We use Fiona’s made-from-scratch butter cream icing or our high-quality, white chocolate fondant. We also do dark rich chocolate ganache finished cakes as well, to suit the design and taste of every guest!

Do you deliver cakes? Of course, we deliver! There is a $250.00 minimum order for delivery. Delivery charges are additional and are based upon destination. We recommend that larger cakes be delivered to ensure they are transported safely.

How should I store my cake? Cakes do best at a temperature of 75 degrees or below. They should not be placed directly in the sunlight for extended periods of time. They also need a strong table to be displayed on.

Remember, cake is heavier than it looks! Some cakes need to be refrigerated due to filling or icing choice until they are displayed. At your consultation, we will discuss whether or not refrigeration is necessary for your cake.

What is the best way to cut my cake? Cutting varies depending on the size and shape of your cake. Our team will coach you on the best way to cut your cake at pickup or delivery.

Can you replicate a cake if I bring in a picture? While we do not provide “photo machine” cakes, Fiona’s skilled bakery team can create an artistic, hand-drawn interpretation of characters or designs. Our ultimate goal is to create a unique cake just for you, but pictures help us get a better idea of your preferred design.