At Fiona’s we believe that you can tell the difference between mediocre and memorable baked goods. That’s why we use only the best ingredients in everything we make. Our delicious baked goods start with butter, chocolate, cream, and real fruit. Our pie crusts are handmade, and our cookies are made from scratch in the store every day. We work hard to make each wedding cake and celebration cake perfect. We give just as much care to our cupcakes. Our bakers invest time in each item they make, and it shows. You can taste the dedication we put into every bite.

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Remember the apple pie your grandma used to make? How about the lemon bars? You can taste those flavors again at Fiona’s. We fire up the ovens every morning to create the delicious flavors you remember from your childhood. Stop by for a slice or take a whole pie to surprise your family. Just because you don’t have time to spend in the kitchen doesn’t mean you have to go without pie or cookies!

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